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MAKING IT HAPPEN: MASTERS OF INVENTIONJames Graves Producer of Masters of Invention

Producer:  James Graves

DVD Excellent for Social Studies on African American Studies.
For Grade Levels 4-12 & Adult

Making It Happen: Masters of Invention

An Oliver Communications/Kawseff Productions program produced by Bob Oliver and James Graves.  Post DVD production and duplication by LightStream Media

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$18.95 plus $2.85 S&H


Though most people can identify inventors Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, they may never have heard of Lewis Latimer or Granville T. Woods, Edison’s and Bell’s equally brilliant African-American competitors.  Actor Glynn Turman introduces black men and women whose inventions have contributed to society from the time of slavery to today.

Here are Benjamin Banneker, the multi-talented inventor, author and philosopher of the 1700’s, and Norbert Rilleaux, inventor of a sugar refining process still used today, a man so constrained by race laws that he left the U.S. forever.  The program also recognizes Dr. George Washington Carver, known as the “Savior of the South,” Garrett Morgan, inventor of the traffic signal, Dr. Patricia Bath, inventor of the laserphaco probe and a modern spokeswoman for African-American achievement, and many more.  Take a fascinating look at history as seen and made by African-Americans whose contributions have been ignored for far too long.