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Jerry Johnson

If you are a lover of Country Gospel, you'll enjoying listening to the Southern Country Gospel Sounds of Jerry Johnson.

Jerry's music ranges from slow, soft melodies to upbeat songs of rejoicing.  His seven-string band is composed of preachers and professionals musicians.  They perform in many local concerts and at numerous churches.

"The Way to Heaven," relays a message through the lyrics of each song, Jerry is telling about his life and daily walk with God.

"I want people to listen to this CD and hear what God is Saying.  I am so proud of it because God has led me to do things I didn't think I could do.  I love it, and I thank Him every day for giving me the gift He has given me."

The Way To Heaven

(CLICK on Highlighted Songs to listen)

1.  Oh Savior (3:05)
2.  Jesus I Love You (3:26)
3.  Savior City (2:27)
4. The Lord is My Shepherd (3:05)
5.  Walking My Cross To Heaven (2:31)
6.  Walk Thru Hell To Get To Heaven (4:30)
7.  I Wanna Sing I Wanna Dance (2:01)
8.  My Burden's Roll Away (2:52)
9.  Talking About My Lord (3:02)
10. The Way To Heaven (3:15)

For Bookings:

Jerry Johnson
PO Box 152
Warrenville, SC 29851

The Way To Heaven

 CD $15.00 plus $2.50 S&H